Why We Create Episode 1 – The NOAHN Interview

Why We Create Episode 1 – The NOAHN Interview

In this interview with NOAHN we get to learn about his upbringing, his first time performing, new releases, and what inspires him to create.


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Show Notes and Time Stamps

Unreleased Noahn song 0:37

Intro 1:08

“Whats good Noahn, this is Why We Create, First Episode, First Podcast” -1:11

“Its Yung.wav! 1:20

Where he Grew Up 1:30

How did we meet?2:20

Fluence 2:43

How we found out about each other-We were both on SoundCloud 3:00

“And you found my song always”- Wavy

“But anyways back to you man so what got you into singing?” 3:44

“My moms a professional”3:48

“Singing since she was born”

Got into a contest when she was sixteen then Sony was backing the contest and they put her on at a young age.

“I was always the kid that didn’t sing in the family, my sister sings, my dad sings my dads a producer too he produced for my mom for awhile and of course my mom.” 4:18

“I just felt like on nah that’s not me” 3:38

“Like the one that doesn’t do it, plus I had basketball I was was always playing basketball.”

“One day I was at my house and I just started singing and shit”

“I was just like damn I guess I can sing a bit” 4:50

“And I just never even sang in front of people I was in middle school or maybe younger than that whatever”

“I didn’t let my anybody hear me not even  my parents” 5:28

Talking about parents music influences 5:50

The major population isn’t creative in his hometown

In high school when he first sang in front of people 7:08

It was like a Talent show/play audition

“I didn’t know we had to do that that day and me n my buddy We were getting high, at lunch and all of a sudden my girlfriend hit me up like where the fuck are you you supposed to be doing this, and the teacher could definitely telll, he was just like get out there, now, he got all mad dude just like bro I’m sorry haha” 7:47

First time he made a song with ghost 11;11

He was on a label called styluss 11:17

His first song called mother – “I needed to make my sentiment to her as soon as possible so right away I made mother” 14:25

“So as you were making songs what changed you into an artist” – Wavy 15:45

“It’s right when you feel the feeling of dedication” 15:53

“First time I made songs I liked em I dunno I just wanted to see if I could do it for myself, not even trying to put it out”16:00

“Sometimes when you like telling someone advice it’s like you need to hear it too” 16:23

 So what age were you when you knew you were an artist? – Wavy 17:07

“It took me awhile to think of myself as a singer” 17:24

Self promotion and getting a manager 18:40

The new tape coming out 18:50

I promise

hip hop origins 19:14

“I love rap even more now, it’s even more diverse now” 20:15

“It’s amazing what it’s evolved into” – Wavy 20:20

Shows 21:20

22:10 dealing with shady management

22:40 “I’m definitely in better hands now shout out dramikaze”

24:00 if he smokes or drinks before the show

25:58 His band

26:10 “shout out private island”

26:30 meeting them at his show and maneuvering through a stage error that messed up his vocals

27:32 “the show must go on bro”

28:00 His inspiration for singing and his mentor

28:42 the craziest show he saw

28:58 members of the band

Do you guys have any releases that are a bout to come out 12:27

“We’re literally mixing and mastering em right now”29:33

“If you follow this podcast I’ll come back and let you guys know” 30:00

30:10 follow NOAHN on Instagram

@ _noahn_

SoundCloud NOAHN

Sadao @californiaislandboy

Baller talk with Rockit31:45

Lebron In LA

33:54 “I need to have my whole song written out before I go into the booth. I don’t like freestyling even though I can do it.”

34:30 “you sing with more confidence”

35:30 do you like getting beats from people or being in the studio with them?

36:00 starting out as a singer I had no idea how sesssions go and it’s not that difficult but there’s certain things you need to know

37:30 he likes writing sober but he wouldn’t have started writing if he never tried weed

38:59 “sometimes when I don’t leave my city in a long time I don’t even think about making new music that shit is so important for me to get inspired, you gotta keep your brain happy”

43:00 when the new music is coming out

43:50 music video coming

44:00 3 Song EP coming out

44:40 how do you Stay motivated as an artist with so many artists out there?

45:30 I came from a dark place so I’ve made a big evolution from that

46:15 why do you keep pursuing your passion? Why do you keep creating?

“That’s a good ass question”

46:41 “I feel like I meant to do it”

47:00 Iv seen what you can do with it

48:00 his mom helping out disaster victims

49:00 what’s your advice to others on there grind?

“Just depends what stage there at in there career cause if there starting up, I would say pick your favorite singers and try to emulate them and somewhere along the line you’ll figure out what you like and develop your own aesthetic.”

Plans for the future: touring 50:25

Dope first podcast

Thank you to Why We Create